Future Missions

Volunteer as an ophthalmologist in Tamale Teaching Hospital, Tamale, North Ghana. Time required is a minimum of 3 weeks. In addition to patient care you will also have to do consultations, teach nurses, medical students,optometrists,interns and residents. There is an eye clinic staff of over 20 people helping you.
You will get free accommodation.Cost of life is very low here.
SICS knowledge is not necessary. Subspecialty training is a plus, especially glaucoma, oculoplastics and pediatrics. The working conditions are quite difficult but the work is extremely rewarding!

The position is open until the end of 2018 and is especially recommended for retired or semi-retired ophthalmologists.

Please, send your application to: righttosightandhealth@gmail.com

Missions for nurses and laypeople:

Any nurse or layperson who wants to volunteer his/her time and work in Tamale please contact righttosightandhealth@gmail.com. Please send your CV, and a cover letter about the skills you have, why you want to volunteer and what do you want to achieve during your stay. The minimum recommended time is 2 weeks. You can help out at the eye clinic or at other departments of the Tamale Teaching Hospital. It is severely understaffed and lacks personnel  with good organisational and computer skills. An outreach can be organised within a month notice where you will have a chance to experience the rural setting and help out in a cataract surgery camp.