Electric Information

Information about instruments

You will probably not need to deal with the instruments unless you are a man, but still, please read this over.

Unless the instruments are hooked up to the electricity correctly, they do not work, they can even be ruined.

In Africa, electricity runs on 220V, not 110V like in the US.

Those instruments which work with 110V and also 220V have to be set to 220V prior to usage, otherwise the fuse will blow.

There can be a power-outage any time, for any length of time. Please, do not forget to recharge the direct ophthalmoscopes and the autorefractor
– which most of you will be using – during lunchbreak and at night.

The autorefractor-an instrument to measure objectively what kind of glasses a person needs – is a loaner and it costs over $5000. Please, play attention not to drop it, as we will have to pay for it if it breaks.