Instructions for maintenance personnel

Make sure that we have the following items at all times in clinic, eye-glass room and OR:

  1. tissue paper
  2. duct-tape and scissor
  3. trash-bag taped to wall, emptied when full
  4. towel and soap at every sink
  5. drinking water

Instructions are taped to the wall in respective rooms – VERY IMPORTANT!!!

AA batteries are in clinic and OR

Please, go around EACH morning and see what is needed, send someone to purchase necessary items, give money and keep log of money spent.

Ask daily all members of the group if they need anything (eg: toothpaste, food, phone-card, changing money, etc) and arrange for purchase. (Members should not waste time purchasing things individually.) Items needed for work will be paid from the group expenses, personal items should be paid individually.

Please, arrange for cleaning of all 3 rooms daily – often you have to be VERY insistent. All 3 rooms should be cleaned by the time we start work-it is not appropriate to start cleaning when patients are already present.