Vaccination and Malaria Prophylaxis Information

If you live in NJ, you can get your shots through Passport Health.

You might be able to be reimbursed by you medical plan for the shots –
ask them.

Yellow-fever – about  $200, this you MUST have, with proof of vaccination (Yellow booklet, will get it from the vaccination place). They ask for it at the airport. Good forever according to the CDC. You can get a shot at the border in Ghana for 20$ but immunity takes 10 days to develop, so you should probably have it at home before your visit.

Hep-A  $150, second dose recommended 6 months later, giving lifetime immunity.

Typhoid – pills or shot (Ty21a is name of pill), about $100, ask for pill, good for 5 years. Shot is good only for 2 years. Insurance might cover it.

You can call local pharmacy – pills there might be cheaper, especially with drug-plan. CDC link

Tetanus/Diphtheria $60 – You do NOT need it unless you have not received a tetanus shot within the last 10 years, but Passport Health  will tell you you do need it.

Polio shot – $70 – though it is extremely unlikely that a healthy adult would get this, it is recommended. 1 booster is good forever.

For malaria prevention:

Malarone is good, comes in generic. Price depends on your plan.  Doxycyclin is much cheaper. Also can buy in Ghana for 20 cents a pill.

Dosage recommendations:

  • Doxycycline is a suitable prophylactic anti-malarial agent to use. Adult dose 100mg daily. Start 2 days before travelling to a malarious area and continue for 2 weeks after leaving.
  • Malarone is a combination of atovaquone and proguanil and recent studies have found it a safe and effective prophylactic agent with few side-affects. It became generic recently but is still expensive and has to be taken daily too. Treatment should be started 2 days before travel and continued for at least 7 days after return.

Do not buy mosquito repellent in the US – it is MUCH cheaper in Ghana.